Vadim Ermolaev developer company Alef Estate creates in Dnipro one of the best IT-parks in Ukraine

It is black and white that the future of the country and the world as a whole are in the hands of the IT industry. Alef Estate keeps pace with the times, meeting the current needs and demands of the men and women of Dnipro by creating the most comfortable and friendly to them space. It is not surprising that it was this company that initiated the creation of an IT-park, the necessity of which became more apparent as Dnipro turned into one of the centers of information technology.

The park itself will be located in the central part of Dnipro, at Shevchenko Street 51, and will include data center, a business incubator, telepresence room and co-working, where start-ups and developers will be able to work.

In the building, there will be also offices and workspace, several meeting and conference rooms, a large lecture room, a cafe, and break areas. Google, Apple, and other silicon giants’ campuses were the examples for the project.
Engineers, architects, and designers of Alef Estate believe that a stylish, comfortable and modern office in every possible way inspires to creative thinking, and the interior and creative atmosphere of co-working will help to succeed and find original approaches to solve common problems.

We look forward to the opening of the IT park, inasmuch as its creation means attracting new investments in the city, infrastructure developing, improving the quality of life of Dnipro residents.

There cannot be any doubts about the success and grandeur of the project since it is Alef Estate that managed to change the face of Dnipro, create its own unique architectural style and make the city modern and comfortable.


It is quite difficult to imagine the city without some of the objects built by the company of Vadim Ermolaev which literally became recognizable symbols of Dnipro e.g. Most City Center, Cascade Plaza, Katerinoslavskiy Boulevard etc.

For 16 years of its existence, the developer has implemented a number of innovative transformations, many of which were the first experiments not only in Dnipro but throughout Ukraine.

But now Alef Estate faces a new large-scale task. Will the company cope with it? We look at our beloved city and understand: of course, it will.

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